Supadelixir Co., Ltd.
SupadElixir is a global bioscience company striving to improve the quality of human life, particularly with regard to health and beauty, by using “Tripeptide,” a powerful ingredient for intensive treatments for the body. Prof. JH Hahn, who conducted his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Chalfie (Novel prize winner in 2008), founded SupadElixir in December 2009 as a bioscience company and developed over 40 kinds of valid peptides and patented more than 30 of them. With excellent tripeptides that have a molecular weight less than 500 Daltons, SupadElixir has developed high-functioning cosmeceutical products and OTC products listed in USA’s FDA. SupadElixir’s innovative bioscience technology opens new prospects in the fields of biomedical sciences.

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Hahn's Peptide Skin Care List
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Ultimate Relief Cream 1
Ultimate Relief Cream 1
Ultimate Relief Cream 2
Ultimate Relief Cream 2
REVI:CELL Youth Cream
REVI:CELL Youth Cream


Supadelixir Co., Ltd.

Mila Han, Director /

TEL : 82-2-707-3710

Address : #3-2, Huseok-ro 462 Beon-gil 21 Chuncheon-si Gangwon-do, South Korea


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