Silver Fox Company Co., Ltd.
Silver Fox Company has developed own brand since established on 1995. As a result, Silver Fox Company is exporting products to around 50 countries. For example, East South Asia, Middle east, Africa, Europe, South America, Etc as exporting promising company and also technology excellence venture company. Silver Fox Company had passed the certification of safety standards for world market as EN, BSm, GS, ASTM, SASO, RES, HPAC Etc. So, We have an effort to satisfying our customers in the world. Silver Fox Company obtained ISO90001 that could be quality management system on Aug of 2002. We think that the growth of customers and we is to impress our customers. We are always developing more better new products and also always having an effort to satisfying our customers. We appreciate and hope that your continuous interest.

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Silver Fox 21Silver Fox 21
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Silver Fox Company Co., Ltd.

Spike An /

TEL : 82-70-5153-3658

Address : 215 Jinsan-daero, Gimhae, Gyungnam, South Korea


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