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MEDIPENS Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in antimicrobial film solutions based on
antimicrobial copper materials that manufactures and sells “MEDIPENS-Brand
Antimicrobial Films”.
MEDIPENS Co., Ltd. is leading the domestic antimicrobial film market in Korea. In
particular, through diversification of antimicrobial film products, we are becoming a
specialized antimicrobial film company to prevent cross-infection of viruses, bacteria, and
killing in the markets focused on household, medical, industrial, school, public institution,
and consumer goods industries.
In addition, it has established an export base in Asia, North America, South America,
Africa, and Europe, including Japan, Singapore, China, and Spain, and is growing as a
globalized company.
MEDIPENS Co., Ltd. is a company that opens the future with customers.
We will become a company that grows with customers through new material development
and management innovation for various antimicrobial products.
“Our customer satisfaction is the quality of our products” is our vision.
Based on the belief and principle that customer satisfaction is the quality of our products,
we will make continuous efforts to satisfy customers.
MEDIPENS Co., Ltd.’s antibacterial material technology and antimicrobial film will make
efforts to create products and customer values according to customer needs.


Esencia Co., Ltd, the first inventor & speciailzed R&D manufacturer, developed family model of esencia Toothbrush Sterilizer adopting UV(Ultra-Violet) sterilization in 1990. We re-established our company as a joint-stock company in 1996 and are advancing as a world-best company of toothbrush sterilizer through steady devotion to one business.

We are modifying our products on the focus of New Technology Development and Quality-First Mind. As a result, we acquired so many recommendations and certificates of supreme technology and perfect effects from Korean and international institutes.

Especially, esencia toothbrush sterilizer was proved as the sole product certified 100% sterilization from Oral Biology Institute, Korean Consumers’ Society and Japanese Analysis Center. It means World-best Safety & Efficiency of Sterilization.

Our main products are various models of esencia toothbrush sterilizers for family and an individual, esencia Bayerion Softener changing hard water into soft water, esencia Ultrasonic Cleaner adopting Ultrasonic Cleaning method.

We can produce 100 thosand sets of Toothbrush Sterilizer, 50 thousand sets of Bayerion Softner and 20~30 thousand sets of Ultrasonic Cleaner using automatic equipments every one month. Our certification of ISO-9001 makes us develop satisfactory Quality and Supreme Design. We are managing new business of body & beauty products like specialized distribution and the store “Babath”.
We will steadily try ro develop and make “Always-Satisfactory-Product”, “Customer-Acknowledged-Product”, “Well-Living-Product”.


Motto International Corporation was founded in 2017 as a cell phone accessory wholesaler located in Dallas,Tx. Since then, our resources and partners grew which allowed us to expand into wholesale distribution and online retail to bring quality products at great prices.

Riga Korea

Riga Korea aims to provide medical supplies to promote human health and to devote itself

to saving the global environment by treating hospital waste in an eco-friendly.


Barona has been on a single path of hair and skin research for more than 20 years.
We have experienced many trials and errors in the process of extracting and mixing the best raw materials.
Confidently introduce the best products that have been completed after a long study.

Lbless Korea Perfumery

LBLESS is a project designed to research health and relaxation to provide wholesome restoration of the body and soul worn out from everyday life.
The finest 100% Pure Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils are collected to present a deeper profound aroma. To make fragrances with sincerity,environment-friendly,high-grade ingredients have been used that are harmless to the human body.
The finest base ingredients and exotic scents are tested to blend Le Bless perfumes that flourish with antiviral agents and aromatherapy effects that purify the indoor air.
LBLESS provides detailed information of all our products.
Create an ambience that best suits your taste.
The very spot you’re in can be transformed into an exuberant atmosphere.


Startrain values improving the quality of life through everyone’s healthy body and mind.
Now, we will make your body a star through the Startrain.
A life of true satisfaction is a life of balance between Body, Mind & Spirit.
Now, Startrain will design your healthy life with the BMS Program.

Myung Shin Medical Co., LTD.

Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd, established in May 2000, is a company that produces specialized healthcare medical devices using far-infrared radiation technology, of which the far-infrared radiation heater ranks number one in the domestic market share in the field of dome-shaped heaters and is exported to 14 countries worldwide, demonstrating the world’s best quality. Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd is continuously investing and researching to establish a leading position in the field of far-infrared radiation healthcare medical device, and is striving to do our best to become a global business in the field of healthcare business as well as medical device business in accordance with the company’s vision and goals for happiness and health.

Cybermedic Co., Ltd.

Cybermedic corp. has been established on the purpose of development of high-tech medical equipment for healthy and happy human life and has been improved its capability of development on the four basis rehabilitation, posture(balance) evaluation and training, exercise therapy, and cognitive rehabilitation.

As a result of the efforts, we have succeed in commercialized the “functional electrical stimulation(FES), Dysphagia evaluation and training FES(STIMPLUS), Dynamic & Static balance evaluation and training(Space balance 3D, I Balance S), Spine stabilization system(Spine Balance 3D), Electrical upper and lower limbs exercise system(Q Health), Isometric muscle strength evaluation system(ISOMET), Reduction of weight bearing treadmill and gait analysis system(GAT SYSTEM), Medical exercise therapy system(M.E.T) and Smart Healthcare system(Smart 1RM Healthcare) etc, for the first time in Korea.
We have been progressing continuously under the deep interest of medical centers and valuable customers in domestic and overseas.

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