Product 5



대한민국의 대표적 글로벌 프리미엄 주방가전 전문 제조업체입니다. 1978년 설립되어 녹즙기, 분쇄믹서기, 발효기, 원액기, 고속 블랜더, 진공 블랜더 등 수많은 독창적인 기술을 바탕으로 제품을 선보였으며, 최근 미래창조과학부가 발표한 창조경제의 대표 사례, 월드클래스 300기업으로 선정되는 등 국내외 70여개국의 소비자들이 가장 선호하는 제품으로 우수한 경쟁력을 인정받고 있습니다.

Product 5

A complete range with modern design and look. These compressors are super silent and comply with most sever environmental standards across the globe.

Applications : In construction (chipping, jackhammers, nut runners, grinders, rammers) and sandblasting.

  • Wide range of pressures, with possibility of Dual Pressure
  • Compact, ergonomic, durable machines
  • Lowest acoustic pressure levels as indicated in current legislation provisions
  • Emissions according to the latest parameters

Accessibility for maintenance

  • Intelligent System – avoids starting load on engine and ensures low pressure shut down.
  • “No Key “control panel, one button to start the machine.
  • Anti-repetitiveness system on the engine start. Avoids starter motor issues and improves starter motor life.
  • Centralized control panel for easy monitoring
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Manufactured in compliance with applicable international standards (CE, ASME, DOSH etc)
  • Skid, axles of different types, with or without brakes, lights to be fit for road circulation under severe homologation parameters.

Product video

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