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대한민국의 대표적 글로벌 프리미엄 주방가전 전문 제조업체입니다. 1978년 설립되어 녹즙기, 분쇄믹서기, 발효기, 원액기, 고속 블랜더, 진공 블랜더 등 수많은 독창적인 기술을 바탕으로 제품을 선보였으며, 최근 미래창조과학부가 발표한 창조경제의 대표 사례, 월드클래스 300기업으로 선정되는 등 국내외 70여개국의 소비자들이 가장 선호하는 제품으로 우수한 경쟁력을 인정받고 있습니다.

Product 2

The SDR-1000J is a small, lightweight and jammer integrated 3D drone-detection radar that can simultaneously detect and suppress the threats from small unmanned aerial vehicles and drones at far distance. By using AESA-based digital beamforming technology, it can detect and track accurate three-dimensional position of small flying objects in all directions without mechanical rotation.

As integrated within radome, the built-in satellite navigation jammer can block the reception of satellite signals by unmanned aircrafts and neutralize their positioning and attitude control, in addition, using fake satellite signal and narrow antenna beam, it can selectively attack only wanted targets within limited area from the far distance only using small RF power.

Memory-based distributed data processing and synchronization for high-speed real time processing of large-volume data

  • Accommodating various devices (RTU, IoT sensor, Distributed Energy Resources, etc.) and offering uninterrupted system services
  • User-friendly UI that enables the user to intuitively recognize and respond to a complex distribution system
  • The geospatial user display for facilitylocation information and various mappingbased information services
  • The CIM-based Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA) framework for the control and external networks by using the OpenAPI specification and gateway service

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body type analysis through checking 7 types

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