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Daum Energy

The future of sustainable eco-friendly At a time when the era of hydrogen energy was vague as many energy companies were born and disappearing in a rapidly changing era, Daum Energy challenged the goal of commercializing hydrogen energy and is now coming to fruition.
Daum Energy is taking on a new challenge as a result of successful productization through R&D achievements.

Hygen-series will overcome Korea’s future energy shortage and declare an era of clean energy, overcome high oil prices, renew its status as a global company, and lead the era of hydrogen energy.

Next Energy will continue to make endless efforts to complete the future energy.


Eco-Friendly Company

Global warming is causing adverse effects on the climate. Air pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels is the main cause, and exhaust fumes caused by incomplete combustion are the most serious problems.
In response, we have developed anionic nano-system called PLAUMAI ECO, which reduces smoke and improves fuel efficiency from internal combustion engines.
This is an era where eco-friendly, more efficient and innovative technologies are needed. We will continue to be an eco-friendly company that aims for energy saving and a clean environment through PLAUMAI ECO, a company name and product name.


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