Mtechwin Co., Ltd.
Mtechwin is a small but strong company that started its 10th year in 2012. We deliver to many large companies in Korea such as Hanssem, CJ Olive Young, Shinsegae JAJU, and its excellent quality is recognized. Major products include toothbrush sterilizer, multipurpose sterilizer, puff sterilizer, spoon sterilizer, and baby bottle sterilizer.

Company Introduction

Item Introduction

Mtechwin Multipurpose 1
1) Multipurpose Sterilization Box
Mtechwin Multipurpose 2
Mtechwin Multipurpose 3
Mtechwin_battery 2
2) UVC LED battery-type portable toothbrush sterilizer
Mtechwin_battery 1
Mtechwin_battery 3
Mtechwin_rechargeable 3
3) UVC LED rechargeable portable toothbrush sterilizer
Mtechwin_rechargeable 2
Mtechwin_rechargeable 4
Mtechwin head 1
4) UVC LED rechargeable head-type Portable toothbrush sterilizer
Mtechwin head 2
Mtechwin head 3
Mtechwin Puff 1
5) UVC LED Puff Sterilizer
Mtechwin Puff 2
Mtechwin Puff 3


Mtechwin Co., Ltd.

Chun Sang Park, Sales Director / [email protected]

TEL : 82-10-6255-5050

Address : 80-101, Golden root-ro, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea


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