Envoy Vision Co., Ltd.
Since the establishment in 2004, We have been specialized in manufacturing and exporting various kinds of soft contact lens. For the first time in Korea, We developed the cosmetic color contact lens for 1-day in 2008 and now winning 2nd place in the field of color contact lens and toric lens in Korea. We have developed and produced sanitizers and foam handwash that can help protect the health of our customers due to Corona last year and have sold them in domestic and foreign countries, and we are developing domestic and foreign markets by producing cosmetics that are effective for skin beauty.

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Envoy Vision Co., Ltd.

Heon-Ju Jung, General Manager / ktc2014@naver.com

TEL : 82-10-4302-7899

Address : 80-115, Golden root-ro, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea


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