Supadelixir Co., Ltd.

SupadElixir is a global bioscience company striving to improve the quality of human life, particularly with regard to health and beauty, by using “Tripeptide,” a powerful ingredient for intensive treatments for the body. Prof. JH Hahn, who conducted his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Chalfie (Novel prize...

MGM Co., Ltd.

MyungGa Mo is a Natural Herb luxury premium Hair Product for the noble. It gathers and collect s ingredients from nature, such as a chestnut tree ( a song-I, a leaf, a branch) and a pine needle which are main ingredients. This product is manufactured with well water at its...

BBHC Co., Ltd.

BBHC developed the world's only side-effect-free pluripotent stem cells (nEPS) and succeeded in differentiating human pancreatic beta cells, hepatocytes, nerve cells, cartilage cells, osteoblasts, kidney cells, hematopoietic stem cells, and heart cells using this. In this regard, more than 470 patents are being registered in 147 countries, of which 309...

Beuins Co., Ltd.

Beuins Co., Ltd. is the skin wellness brand with a soul of aromatherapist, a spirit of artist, and a commitment of scientist to result. Rather than following trends, we listen to what our skin needs. We study fundamental solutions to skin troubles by listening to what the skin tells rather...

Rebecoco Co., Ltd.

REBECOCO is a natural skin and hair care cosmetic brand that makes premium product by gaining the high-enriched extract with the dew extract method, the traditional one which extracts the function of plant raw material with efficiency. We made it by fermenting & distilling the carefully selected medical herbs such...


When® Beauty is a global clean beauty brand specializing in innovative skincare solutions WHENever you need a 'mini spa by skin intelligence' experience. Our brand products which have unique ingredients, materials, textures, and aesthetic package designs are available in over 30 countries worldwide. This year we launched a fully certified...


Founded in May 2015, V&Co Inc. is a leading company in MSO (Hospital Management Support), Cosmetic/health functional food and medical device manufacturing and sales, and microbiome R&D development, which revolutionizes the Beauty & Health Medical industry and leads K-Medi-Tech to enter the global market.

Prismcell Compnay CO., LTD.

Founded in 2019 by International Aromatherapist, the startup Prism Cell Company launched the holistic brand Esther Queen in the second half of 2020 and is currently developing the brand on the shopping platforms of millennials such as domestic brands, 29cm, and pepperoni.

Arboretum BIO

"ARBORETUM - Derma Cosmetic Brand that pursues health & beauty with natural ingredients" ARBORETUM is a Derma Cosmetic brand that pursues human health and beauty through natural ingredients found in cypress forests.


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